1st Nov 2021 Change to structuring of Server Names

Due to some expansion we will be changing names of our servers cp.ewg.cx will now be migrated to cpau.ewg.cx to reflect its location in Australia(au). You may recieve an email informing you of the change in the next few days

31st Oct 2021 Temporary Planned outage of cp.ewg.cx

Just a temporary access outage for cp.ewg.cx, nothing to be alarmed all websites will still work.

24th Sept 2021 Server maintenance: Complete

Thank you for bearing with us during the transition of our hardware.What changed? https://CP.ewg.cx:2083 accounts got transferred to https://CP3.ewg.cx:2083    Edit: Hostname changed back to https://CP.ewg.cx:2083 so no need to worry about link changes All HDD based hosting retired in favor of SSD based hosting, this means increased speed ...

22nd Sept 2021 Server Maintenance

Server maintenance happening shortly, minor notice because it shouldn't disrupt any operations Reason: Increase stability and longevity of ServerUpdate: Server maintenance has been upgraded from Minor to Medium, no issues or data loss occured nor was there any down time, we did tests on a secondary non production server first and discovered we ...